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Are Home Prices Falling in Naples, Florida?

Updated: Jan 16

Are Home Prices Falling in Naples, Florida?

As of early 2024, the real estate market in Naples, Florida, presents a complex but stable picture. Contrary to dramatic shifts or crashes, the market shows signs of modest growth and stability overall, with condo prices beginning to fall.

Naples Market Overview

The average home value in the Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island area is $603,009, marking a 1.5% increase over the past year. Homes in this region typically go pending in about 32 days, which indicates a brisk and active market. A forecast suggests a 2.0% increase in market value over the next year, with median sale and list prices remaining robust. This data, provided by Zillow, indicates a market far from crashing but shows signs of steady growth.

Recent Sales Trends in Naples

Analyzing recent home sales provides valuable insights into the market dynamics. For example, a property on Barcarmil Way sold for $2,100,000, 9% under its list price, after 79 days on the market, according to Redfin. Another property on Ashton Ct sold for its list price of $1,099,000 after 75 days. These examples from Redfin demonstrate varied sale-to-list ratios and days on the market, indicating a need where negotiation and patience can play a role in sales.

Broader Market Influences Affecting Naples, FL Real Estate

The Florida real estate market, including Naples, is influenced by various factors. These include a growing demand for second homes by baby boomers, younger families moving to the state, and a preference for amenity-rich communities. Real estate investors are shifting focus towards longer-term rental opportunities instead of traditional quick flips. These trends suggest a diversifying and evolving market rather than one in decline.

Condo Prices in Naples Fall in Late 2023

The condo market in Naples saw a decrease in the median sales price of about 7% from May to November but experienced a 19.5% increase year over year. This fluctuation indicates an adjusting market, with room for negotiation for condo buyers. The condo inventory has increased, yet the market remains competitive.

State and National Comparisons

Florida's housing market, including Naples, is more expensive than the national median but remains more affordable than in many other states. The state is experiencing an increase in inventory and a slowing in price growth, with many buyers and sellers waiting to see how mortgage rates evolve. This cautious approach is likely due to recent interest rate hikes, impacting affordability and buying power.


In summary, the Naples, Florida, housing market is not experiencing a drastic price fall yet. Instead, it exhibits signs of steady growth, increased inventory, and a market adjusting to economic changes and buyer preferences. While the market remains competitive, buyers and sellers must navigate it with informed strategies and an understanding of the current trends.

For a more in-depth analysis of this topic, you might consider consulting with a local real estate expert who can provide tailored advice and insights specific to the Naples market.

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FAQ: Home Prices in Naples, Florida

1. What is the current average home value in Naples, Florida?

As of the latest data, the average home value in the Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island area is approximately $603,009, reflecting a 1.5% increase over the past year.

2. How quickly are homes selling in Naples?

Homes in Naples typically go pending in around 32 days, indicating a relatively brisk and active market.

3. Is the Naples housing market expected to crash?

No current indication or forecast is suggesting a housing market crash in Naples. The market is expected to see a modest 2.0% increase in value over the next year.

4. What factors are influencing the Naples real estate market?

Factors include demand for second homes by baby boomers, younger families moving to the area, a preference for amenity-rich communities, and real estate investors shifting towards longer-term rental opportunities.

5. How is the condo market performing in Naples?

The Naples condo market has seen some fluctuation, with a decrease in the median sales price of about 7% from May to November but a 19.5% increase year over year. The condo market is adjusting, with more room for negotiation for buyers.

6. Are homes selling above or below the list price in Naples?

This varies. Some homes sell above, at, or below the list price, depending on location, property type, and market conditions.

7. How does the Naples market compare to the broader Florida market?

Florida’s median listing price is generally higher than the national median, but Naples remains more affordable than many other states. The market is experiencing an increase in inventory and a slowing in price growth.

8. What is the forecast for home prices in Naples for the coming year?

The forecast suggests a modest increase in home prices, around 2.0%, indicating steady growth rather than a decline.

9. How has the recent hurricane impacted the Naples housing market?

Hurricane Ian led to decreased business days for closings, resulting in delayed or canceled closings during a typically slower real estate period.

10. What is the current state of inventory in the Naples housing market?

The Naples housing market is still a seller's market with only a 2.8-month supply of inventory, although many homes are sitting on the market longer than last year.

11. Are buyers in Naples sensitive to interest rate changes?

Yes, buyers in the lower price points, such as below $500k, are more sensitive to interest rate changes and may step out of the market when rates rise.

12. How has the demand for rentals in Naples changed recently?

There is a strong demand for rentals, especially as Naples is a popular vacation destination. This has led to high occupancy rates and attractive rental yields for investors.

13. How does the luxury real estate market in Naples compare to the overall market?

Naples’ luxury real estate market has been solid, with high-end homes and condos selling at a premium.

14. What trends are real estate investors observing in Naples?

Investors are noting a shift from traditional "quick-flip" opportunities to longer-term rental investments.

15. How are current mortgage rates affecting the Naples housing market?

Higher mortgage rates are impacting buyer affordability and slowing the pace of sales, especially in specific price segments.

16. What types of properties are most in demand in Naples?

Properties in amenity-rich communities offering social activities are highly sought after, as are homes in good school districts.

17. Is it a good time to buy property in Naples?

Buying property depends on individual circumstances, but the market remains active with growth potential. Buyers should consider current market trends and mortgage rates​.

18. What is the outlook for new construction in Naples?

New construction is healthy, with many top builders continuing to develop new communities, especially in areas with available land.

19. How are property values in Naples expected to change soon?

Property values are expected to increase slightly, reflecting steady market growth and demand.

20. What advice would you give someone looking to invest in the Naples real estate market?

Potential investors should consider the solid rental market, population growth, and the evolving preferences of buyers and renters. Aligning investment strategies with these trends can be beneficial​.

By Ed DiMarco MS, MA

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