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Naples FL Home Buyers Save on Commission



Premium Service at a Fraction of the Cost: Helping You Buy Naples, FL Home at Just 1% Commission

  1. Full-Service Representation

  2. Zero Upfront Fees

  3. No Transaction Fees

  4. Uncompromised Service at a Fraction of the Cost

  5.  Local Naples, FL Expertise 

  6. Personalized Service: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs.

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Comprehensive Services at Reduced Commission Rates: Ed DiMarco is Your Full-Service Real Estate Agent for Buying Your Home in Naples, Florida

Why Choose Ed DiMarco for a 1% Commission: Maximizing Value in Naples, FL Real Estate

Maximize Your Savings with My Exclusive Buyer's Offer

I understand that buying a home is one of your most significant investments. That's why I am committed to ensuring that you find your dream property and enjoy exceptional savings.

Introducing My 1% Buyer's Fee - A Game-Changer in Real Estate:

  • Unprecedented Savings:  When you buy your next home with us, we only charge a 1% fee. If the seller offers a standard 3% buyer’s agent commission, I will rebate the remaining 2% directly to you in the form of cash at closing!

  • More Money in Your Pocket: Imagine the seller offers a 3% commission on a $500,000 home - $15,000. With our unique 1% fee, you'll receive a 2% rebate, putting $10,000 back into your pocket. Use it for home improvement furnishings, or save it for the future!

  • My Commitment to You: I believe in transparent, fair pricing. My 1% fee policy ensures you get top-tier, full-service real estate expertise without the traditional cost.

  • Expertise Meets Affordability: Enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced local expert dedicated to finding you the perfect home, coupled with the financial advantages of our unbeatable fee structure.

  • A Stress-Free Experience: I handle all the complexities of buying a home, providing you with a seamless, efficient, and rewarding experience - from searching to signing.

Choose Ed DiMarco - Where Exceptional Service Meets Extraordinary Savings: Experience the new era of buying real estate where efficiency, expertise, and financial savings go hand in hand. Contact me today to start your journey to finding your dream home with unmatched savings!

Ready to maximize your cash-back with a 1% commission? Contact me, Ed DiMarco, today, and let's get started on getting the best value for your Southwest Florida property.

What is Included In the 1% Selling Commission?

Here's a list of services associated with the buying experience I offer, ensuring that my clients receive comprehensive support throughout their home-buying journey:

  1. Initial Consultation:
    • Understanding client needs and preferences.

    • Discussing budget and financial planning.

  2. Market Analysis and Property Search:
    • Providing insights into the local real estate market trends.

    • Customizing property search based on specific criteria.

  3. Property Showings and Virtual Tours:
    • Arranging and conducting property viewings.

    • Offering virtual tours for remote or out-of-town buyers.

  4. Financial Advisory and Mortgage Assistance:
    • Guiding clients through mortgage options and pre-approval processes.

    • Offering advice on financial strategies for home buying.

  5. Offer and Negotiation Strategy:
    • Assisting in crafting competitive offers.

    • Leading negotiations to secure the best terms and prices.

  6. Inspection and Appraisal Coordination:
    • Arranging and overseeing home inspections.

    • Facilitating the appraisal process.

  7. Transaction Management:
    • Ensuring all paperwork and legal requirements are met.

    • Managing deadlines and keeping the process on track.

  8. Closing Assistance:
    • Preparing for the closing process.

    • Review closing documents and address any final issues.

  9. Post-Closing Support:
    • Providing advice on post-purchase considerations, like home insurance.

    • Assisting with any post-closing questions or needs.

  10. Ongoing Real Estate Advisory:
    • Offering continued support for future real estate investments or sales.

    • Providing updates on market trends and investment opportunities.

These services offer a comprehensive, client-focused approach to buying a home, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and satisfactory experience from start to finish.

*Subject to potential minimum commission requirements. Refer to the Terms & Conditions for specific limitations and further details.

Ed DiMarco Naples REALTOR

The Benefits of Using a Low-Fee Buyer's Agent in Naples, FL

In the competitive real estate market of Naples, Florida, the choice of a buyer's agent can significantly influence the outcome of your property investment. Working with a discount buyer's agent offers a blend of financial prudence and market expertise, making it an attractive option for many prospective buyers. This detailed exploration delves into the multifaceted advantages of engaging with a discount buyer's agent in this vibrant market.

Financial Savings and Affordability

The primary allure of a discount buyer's agent is the substantial cost savings. In an industry where traditional agents charge a commission of 2.5% to 3%, discount realtors disrupt this norm by offering significantly lower rates, sometimes as low as 1-2%. This difference in commission rates translates into direct financial benefits for the buyer. For example, on a $250,000 home sale, the traditional 6% commission equates to $15,000. In contrast, a discount broker charging a 3% commission would only levy $7,500, halving the cost. This reduction in fees can ease the financial burden on buyers, allowing more room in their budget for renovations, furnishings, or even future investments.

Enhanced Transactional Experience

Despite the assumption that a lower cost might equate to lower service quality, discount agents often bring a wealth of experience. Their business model, which is typically volume-based, demands handling a more significant number of transactions. This experience is invaluable as it equips them with a nuanced understanding of the market dynamics and customer needs. Moreover, these agents are often highly motivated to close deals efficiently and effectively, leading to a streamlined process that benefits both the agent and the client. This focus on efficiency does not necessarily detract from the quality of service but instead optimizes the transaction process.

Market Analysis and Property Selection

In a market as diverse and dynamic as Naples, understanding the nuances of the local real estate landscape is crucial. A discount buyer's agent, through extensive experience and market analysis, can provide invaluable insights into property values and trends. They are equipped to identify properties that offer genuine value, navigating away from pitfalls such as overpricing or hidden drawbacks. The agent’s role extends beyond just finding a property; they ensure that their clients invest in the right property at the right price, avoiding common mistakes that could lead to buyer's remorse.

Skilled Negotiations

One of the standout competencies of a seasoned buyer's agent is their ability to negotiate effectively. Considering that the average person buys or sells a property only a few times in their lifetime, having an expert negotiator on your side can make a significant difference. A discount buyer's agent, actively involved in numerous transactions, hones their negotiation skills continuously, which can be decisive in securing a property at a favorable price.

Personalized Approach

Finding the ideal home is often fraught with differing needs and desires. A professional buyer’s agent understands and reconciles these diverse requirements, ensuring that the property aligns with the client’s lifestyle and plans. They delve into the specifics of the client’s dream home, offering guidance beyond the superficial aspects of property buying. This personalized approach can prevent future dissatisfaction, as the agent helps clients foresee how their needs may evolve.

Technical and Legal Expertise

The complexity of real estate transactions can be daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. Discount buyer agents bring a network of professionals, including legal experts and inspectors, to streamline the buying process. This network is invaluable in quickly addressing technical or legal challenges, ensuring the buyer is well-informed and protected throughout the transaction.

The Importance of Agent Selection

While the benefits of a discount buyer’s agent are compelling, choosing an agent whose service level and approach align with your needs is crucial. Prospective buyers should conduct thorough research, including reading reviews and interviews, to find an agent that matches their expectations. This due diligence is essential to ensure a harmonious and prosperous buying experience.


Engaging a discount buyer's agent in Naples, FL, presents a strategic advantage for homebuyers. The combination of financial savings, market expertise, personalized service, and efficient process management makes this an attractive option. However, the success of this approach hinges on selecting an agent whose experience, strategy, and ethos resonate with the buyer’s objectives. With the right agent, navigating the complexities of the Naples real estate market becomes a more accessible, financially prudent, and rewarding endeavor.

 Revolutionizing Real Estate: The Compelling Argument for a 1% Buyer Representation Fee

The real estate industry, known for its robustness and adherence to tradition, is at the threshold of a pivotal shift. Central to this transformation is the commission structure, a cornerstone of real estate transactions that has remained largely static for years. In this in-depth exploration, we examine the historical evolution, recent trends, and the emerging rationale for adopting a 1% Buyer Representation fee in today's dynamic market.

Historical Context of Commission Rates

The journey of real estate commissions is a narrative of gradual escalation and contemporary reevaluation. In the burgeoning 1920s, commissions averaged around 2.5% of a property's sale price. As the century progressed, this figure steadily increased, reaching 5% by 1940, symbolizing the burgeoning American dream of homeownership. The pinnacle was attained in 1991, with commission rates averaging 6.1%, reflecting the zenith of agent compensation in the industry.

However, this trend wasn't mirrored globally. A 2002 study by Natalya Delcoure and Norman Miller highlighted a staggering discrepancy: U.S. agents earned, on average, 6% of home sale proceeds, significantly more than agents in other countries, often by 200% to 400%. Despite expectations that the digital age would recalibrate this imbalance, U.S. commissions have remained comparatively high.

The Digital Age and Shifting Commission Trends

The digital revolution brought an anticipated wave of change. The proliferation of online listings and accessible market data was predicted to lead to lower commission rates. Recent data corroborates this, with the average U.S. realtor commission dipping to 5.46% in 2023, a decline from 5.7% in 2020. However, this decrease in percentage contrasts with the surge in home prices, resulting in higher absolute commission amounts. The reality is that while the rate has diminished, the total commission earned on average transactions has inflated.

Emerging Commission Structures: The 0% Commission Model

A groundbreaking shift is gaining momentum with proposals advocating a 0% commission for selling agents. This model posits that homeowners should pay solely for the listing agent’s services, estimated at around 2% to 3%, with the selling broker's commission incorporated into the home's sale price. Such a paradigm promises to enhance transparency, facilitate easier listing acquisition, provide buyer flexibility, and yield seller savings.

Making a case for a 1% Buyer Representation Fee

A 1% Buyer Representation fee emerges as an innovative, equitable solution within this evolving landscape. This fee structure is in harmony with the industry's shift towards heightened transparency and efficiency. It presents a cost-effective alternative for buyers, reflecting the changing dynamics of a market increasingly characterized by accessible information and empowered consumers.

The Economic and Ethical Implications

Implementing a 1% Buyer Representation fee is not merely a strategic move; it's an ethical one. It aligns with the principles of fairness and transparency, ensuring that high commission rates do not burden buyers in an era where information asymmetry is progressively diminishing. This fee structure also resonates with the growing consumer demand for straightforward, unambiguous pricing in all service industries.

Conclusion: Pioneering a New Era in Real Estate

Advocating for a 1% Buyer Representation fee transcends offering a competitive rate; it represents a commitment to innovation and client-centered service in the real estate industry. As we adapt to technological advancements and market evolutions, this fee structure exemplifies our dedication to fair, transparent, and effective real estate practices, positioning us at the forefront of a client-centric future.

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