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Latest Naples Housing Stats

Current Housing Market Data from Naples Area Board of Realtors MLS: Ed's Favorite Indicators Updated in Real Time

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Naples FL October 2023 Housing Market Graph

In-Depth Analysis: Naples, Florida Housing Market – November 2023

Naples, Florida, stands as a market of particular interest in the dynamic world of real estate as 2023 draws to a close. This detailed analysis explores the multifaceted aspects of the current market, providing nuanced insights for discerning buyers, sellers, and investors.


Detailed Market Overview

Median Listing Price Dynamics: The median listing price in Naples, which stands at $825K as of October 2023, signifies a robust 10% year-over-year growth. This growth trajectory offers insights into the area's real estate demand and the upscale nature of the market.

Average Home Value Trends: The slight decrease in the average home value to $603,517 reflects subtle market adjustments and possibly the effects of broader economic factors. Understanding these fluctuations is critical to assessing market stability and potential investment returns.

Sale-to-List Price Ratio Analysis: The current trend of homes selling for 3.48% below the asking price is a critical indicator of market temperature. It suggests a shift towards buyer favorability, impacting negotiation strategies and pricing approaches.

Condo Market Fluctuations: The condo market in Naples has seen a complex interplay of price adjustments, with a recent 7% decrease yet a significant 19.5% annual increase. This volatility warrants a closer examination for those interested in this segment.

Statewide Real Estate Context

Florida's Broader Market Movements: The state's median sales price increase in single-family homes and condo-townhouse units underscores the enduring appeal of Florida’s real estate. These trends provide context for Naples' market within the larger state narrative.

Inventory Expansion Insights: The growing inventory, particularly in single-family homes, illustrates a market responding to demand fluctuations and economic factors. This increase in supply is crucial for understanding future market directions.

Forward-Looking Predictions and Risks

Predicted Inventory Growth: The projected 30% to 40% inventory rise above 2022 levels within the next two years indicates a significant shift, potentially leading to more competitive pricing and varied buyer choices.

Anticipated Market Downturn: The forecast of a 10% to 30% decrease in property prices in the next two to three years suggests a looming market correction. This prediction is vital for all market participants' long-term planning and risk assessment.

Strategic Recommendations

For Sellers: The imminent market downturn necessitates a proactive approach to pricing and marketing. Sellers must adapt to these expected changes by evaluating their property’s unique value proposition and market positioning.

For Buyers: Potential buyers should prepare for upcoming opportunities. The predicted downturn could lead to more favorable pricing, making it a suitable time for entry into the market or expansion of real estate portfolios.

For Investors: A keen focus on market trends and diversification strategies will be essential. Investors should consider the long-term implications of the predicted downturn and adjust their investment strategies accordingly.

Conclusive Overview

As we move toward the end of 2023, the Naples housing market is characterized by a blend of growth, adjustment, and predicted correction. This in-depth analysis provides a comprehensive overview, offering valuable insights for navigating what might be a transformative period in the Naples real estate landscape. Awareness, adaptability, and strategic foresight will be essential in leveraging the opportunities and mitigating the risks of this evolving market.

October 2023 Naples, FL Housing Market Update: A Data-Driven Analysis by Ed DiMarco

In this comprehensive video analysis, Ed DiMarco, a distinguished real estate broker and investment specialist with an advanced Business Management and Communication degree, dissects the Naples, FL housing market as of September 2023. This data-driven exploration is designed to equip buyers and sellers with actionable intelligence, predictive market trends, and strategic guidance for successfully navigating Naples' intricate real estate ecosystem.


The video starts by examining the critical metric of "Months Supply of Inventory," which stands at 3.59 months. This key indicator is a reliable gauge for market balance, revealing the duration required to deplete the existing home inventory under current conditions. A figure under four months strongly indicates a seller's market, characterized by elevated demand, restricted supply, and rising property values. This data provides a current market snapshot and forecasts future trends, suggesting a need inclined toward sellers.


The analysis then shifts to the "12-Month Change in Months of Inventory," which has seen a remarkable surge of 57.46%. This spike signals an impending increase in housing availability, influenced by factors such as increased construction, policy shifts, or moderated buyer interest. For prospective buyers, this presents an invaluable opportunity for greater negotiation leverage as the market begins to tilt in their favor.


Next, the video scrutinizes the "Median Days Homes are On the Market," currently at a brisk 40 days. This metric indicates market speed, shedding light on the rate at which properties are being sold. A figure under 50 days suggests a fast-paced market where properties are quickly acquired, often at elevated prices.


Further, the video delves into the "List to Sold Price Percentage," an impressive 99.8%, underscoring the market's robustness. This high ratio indicates that properties in Naples are sold at prices very close to their listing prices, minimizing the need for protracted negotiations.


The analysis concludes by evaluating the "Median Sold Price," currently set at $579,000, serving as a dependable measure for understanding the market's pricing dynamics. This offers sellers insights into competitive pricing while providing buyers a benchmark for fair market value.


In summary, the video reveals a dynamic market that, despite increased supply, remains resilient, with properties selling near their asking prices. For in-depth insights and continuous updates on the Naples, FL, real estate market, visit Ed DiMarco's blog at Ed DiMarco remains at your service for any further inquiries or personalized real estate assistance in Naples, FL. Thank you for your engagement, and we look forward to aiding you in your real estate journey.

Median Sales Price: Naples, Florida

Median Days on Market: Naples, FL (Collier County)

Total Dollar Value of Closed Sales: Naples, FL

Median Price Per SF: Naples, Florida

Number of Homes for Sale: Naples, Florida

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