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Understanding Real Estate Liens in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide

Real estate liens are a critical aspect of property ownership and transactions in Florida. As a seasoned real estate broker specializing in the Naples market, I've encountered various scenarios where liens play a significant role. In this comprehensive guide, I will explore the types of real estate liens in Florida, their implications, and how they can impact property transactions.

Understanding Real Estate Liens in Florida

What Are Real Estate Liens?

A real estate lien is a legal claim or hold on a property as security for a debt or obligation. Liens can affect a property's sale, refinancing, and ownership rights. They are public records, meaning they are filed with a county records office or a court.

Types of Real Estate Liens in Florida

Mortgage Liens

  • Definition: A mortgage lien is placed on a property when a buyer takes out a loan to purchase it. This lien secures the mortgage loan.

  • Process: When a property is bought with a mortgage, the lender places a lien on it until the loan is fully paid off.

  • Foreclosure Risk: If the homeowner defaults on their mortgage payments, the lender can foreclose on the property to recover the owed amount.

  • Priority: Mortgage liens typically have high priority in terms of repayment in case of a sale or foreclosure.

Mechanic's Liens

  • Definition: Mechanic's liens are filed by contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers who have not been paid for work or materials provided for a property.

  • Legal Requirements: Florida law requires following specific procedures for filing mechanic's liens, including meeting strict deadlines.

  • Enforcement: If unpaid, the lienholder can force a sale of the property to recover the debt.

  • Duration: These liens are limited and must be enforced within a specific timeframe.

Tax Liens

  • Definition: Tax liens are placed on a property for unpaid property taxes.

  • County Sales: The county can sell the property at a tax deed sale if taxes remain unpaid.

  • Priority: Tax liens generally have the highest priority and must be paid off first in any property sale.

  • Redemption Period: Homeowners may have a chance to pay the owed taxes and penalties to avoid losing their property.

Judgment Liens

  • Definition: Judgment liens result from a court ruling where the property owner owes money to a creditor.

  • Filing: The judgment winner can file a lien against the property.

  • Sale and Refinance Impact: This lien must be satisfied before the property can be sold or refinanced.

  • Expiration: Judgment liens in Florida expire after a certain period unless renewed.

HOA and COA Liens

  • Definition: Homeowners' Association (HOA) and Condominium Owners' Association (COA) liens are for unpaid association dues.

  • Foreclosure Possibility: HOAs and COAs can foreclose on properties for unpaid dues, though this is less common.

  • Rights and Obligations: Property owners must understand their rights and obligations under their HOA or COA agreements.

IRS Liens

  • Definition: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can place liens for unpaid federal taxes on properties.

  • Profound Implications: IRS liens are severe and can supersede many other types.

  • Resolution: Settling tax debts or arranging a payment plan is essential to remove an IRS lien.

How Liens Affect Real Estate Transactions

  1. Sale Complications: A property with a lien can be difficult to sell, as the lien needs to be satisfied (paid off) before the transfer of ownership.

  2. Refinancing Challenges: Liens can complicate refinancing efforts, as lenders typically require a clear title.

  3. Negotiation and Settlement: Sometimes, lienholders may negotiate the amount owed or agree to settle for a lower amount to facilitate a property sale.

Dealing with Liens in Florida Real Estate

  1. Conducting a Title Search: A thorough title search is essential to uncover any existing liens before buying a property.

  2. Legal and Professional Assistance: Consulting with a real estate attorney or an experienced agent like myself is crucial in dealing with liens.

  3. Lien Release: Once a lien is paid off, a lien release document must be filed with the county to clear the title.

Preventing Liens on Your Property

  1. Timely Payments: Paying all obligations, including contractors, taxes, and HOA fees on time is the simplest way to prevent liens.

  2. Dispute Resolution: Addressing disputes promptly, especially with contractors or service providers, can prevent mechanic's liens.

  3. Regular Review of Financial Obligations: Regularly reviewing and keeping track of financial obligations related to your property can prevent unexpected liens.


Understanding real estate liens in Florida is crucial for anyone involved in property transactions. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or homeowner, knowing how different liens work, their implications, and how to handle them is essential. As a luxury agent with expertise in the Naples market, I can guide you through the complexities of real estate transactions, ensuring your interests are protected and helping you navigate any challenges property liens pose.

Written by Ed DiMarco, a Naples luxury agent, this article offers expert insights into navigating real estate liens in Florida. With a focus on providing top-tier real estate services and guidance, Ed brings extensive knowledge and experience to help clients make informed real estate decisions.



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