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April 2024 Real Estate Market Dynamics in Collier County, Florida

Updated: Apr 26

April 2024 Real Estate Market Dynamics in Collier County, Florida

The real estate market in Collier County continues to navigate through a variety of shifts and turns as new data from provides a detailed glimpse into sales figures, market hotness, and inventory trends as of early 2024. This comprehensive view helps contextualize the ongoing changes and their implications for buyers, sellers, and investors alike.

January 2024 Collier Sales Overview

In January 2024, Collier County saw a total sales volume of approximately $976 million, with a total of 656 properties sold. This represents a slight decline of 3.53% in sales compared to the previous year. The price segmentation from this period shows a mixed picture:

  • The 95th Percentile Price surged by nearly 20% to reach $5.22 million, indicating robust demand at the high end of the market.

  • Conversely, the 75th Percentile Price experienced a decrease of 5.67%, settling at $1.54 million.

  • The Median Price showed minimal growth, increasing by 0.39% to $672,625.

  • The 25th Percentile Price increased by 2.89% to $413,269, suggesting stable demand in lower price brackets.

These figures highlight a market with pronounced disparities across different pricing tiers, reflecting varied buyer appetites and financial capabilities.

Market Hotness as of March 2024

By March 2024, the overall market hotness had adjusted, with a Hotness Score of 17.9 derived from a Supply Score of 23.19 and a Demand Score of 12.53. Collier County ranked 1,467th nationally in March, a significant drop from its position a year ago. Key indicators include:

  • The Median Days on Market was 64 days, showing homes are selling faster than the previous year by 10 days, despite a slight uptick from the previous month.

  • The Median Listing Price was $849,000, decreasing slightly by 0.11% month-over-month and by 4.82% year-over-year, which may signal a cooling in asking prices amidst adjusting market conditions.

Inventory Dynamics

Inventory trends in March 2024 revealed significant developments:

  • Active Listing Count stood at 5,852, up 7.61% from the previous month and a substantial 81.85% year-over-year increase, indicating a much larger pool of available properties.

  • New Listing Count decreased by 13.24% month-over-month but was up 23.43% compared to the previous year, suggesting a recent surge in new listings hitting the market.

  • Pending Listing Count increased to 1,682, a rise of 14.69% from the previous month, though this was a 17.37% decrease year-over-year, possibly pointing to a slowdown in transactions moving from listed to under contract.

Implications for the Collier County Real Estate Market

The contrasting dynamics of sales volume, market hotness, and inventory provide a complex picture of the Collier County real estate market. The substantial increase in inventory alongside modest price adjustments indicates a market becoming increasingly favorable to buyers, a sentiment echoed by the earlier discussed rising Months Supply of Inventory and affordability challenges.

Sellers may need to adjust expectations and strategies to align with a market that is showing signs of becoming increasingly buyer-friendly. This could involve more competitive pricing and enhanced marketing efforts to attract buyers in a cooling market.

For buyers, the increased inventory and slower price growth present opportunities to negotiate better deals, particularly in market segments that have seen price decreases or slower sales velocities.

In conclusion, buyers and sellers must stay informed and agile as the Collier County market adjusts to these new realities. Understanding these trends and preparing for potential future shifts will be essential to navigate the 2024 real estate landscape effectively.



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