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What Celebrities Live in Naples, Florida? Famous People Living in Naples, FL Celebrity Homes 2024

What Celebrities Live in Naples, Florida? Famous People Living in Naples, FL Celebrity Homes

If you've ever thought Naples, Florida, was just for retirees and vacationers, think again! This swanky Gulf Coast city is the secret hideaway for some of Hollywood's elite and megastars who crave a touch of paradise away from the paparazzi. Discover what A-listers call Naples their sweet home, from extravagant beachfront estates to luxurious gated communities. Ready to snoop around the glamorous world of celebrity real estate in Naples, FL? Buckle up because we'll spill the juicy details on the most fabulous star-studded addresses in town!

*A complete list from across the web can be found at the bottom of this page.

Actors and Media Stars Living in Naples, Florida

What is it about Naples, Florida, that has transformed this sunny paradise into the ultimate celebrity playground? Maybe the blend of stunning beaches, sophisticated dining, and discreet luxury makes Naples the perfect haven for actors and media stars tired of the Hollywood spotlight. Let’s dive into which celebrities live in Naples, FL, and uncover jaw-dropping details about their magnificent homes.

First on our list of celebrities living in Naples is the legendary comedian and actor Mike Myers. Yes, that's right, the man behind smashes like "Austin Powers" and "Shrek" decided that Naples, Florida, is the perfect place for some well-deserved R&R. His Naples home is nothing short of stunning, boasting ocean views and exclusive privacy. Could Myers be any smarter? Naples offers him the perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication, making it an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of Tinseltown.

Not to be outdone, multi-talented actress and TV personality Judge Judy Sheindlin has also chosen Naples as her refuge. Renowned for her no-nonsense attitude on her hit show, Judge Judy's Naples home is altogether more inviting. Her luxurious Mediterranean-style mansion showcases the best of Florida living. With waterfront views, a pristine swimming pool, and sprawling gardens, it's clear why Judy prefers the serene elegance of Naples, FL, over the crowded streets of Los Angeles. Now, isn't that winning?

Another beloved figure part of Naples' celebrity roster is the unmistakable Jane Seymour. Known for her timeless grace on shows like "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," Seymour's Naples home epitomizes luxury and charm. With interiors to die for and an envious location, her house further cements Naples' reputation as a celebrity sanctuary. Indeed, who can resist the allure of such a stunning locale?

Hollywood heartthrob Matt Damon has also thrown his hat into the Naples ring. When he's not busy saving the world in thrillers, he's unwinding in his Naples home, a sprawling estate designed for maximum comfort and privacy. The Florida sun isn't the only thing radiating warmth and appeal—Damon's decision to choose Naples over other high-profile cities speaks volumes about the city's unique charm. This actor knows how to live the good life, and Naples, Florida, offers just that.

Let's not forget about yet another television icon, HGTV titan Vanilla Ice. Known for his hit single "Ice Ice Baby" and his success on home-renovation shows, his Naples home is, in fact, the real prize. Decked with luxurious amenities, including a custom-designed swimming pool and expansive living spaces, this house is truly a testament to high-end Florida living. Vanilla Ice knows how to live lavishly, and Naples provides the perfect backdrop.

It’s remarkable how these celebrities, actors, and media stars have made Naples, Florida, their ultimate escape. Their decisions aren't just about posh homes; they reflect a desire for peace, privacy, and the finer things in life—all of which Naples, FL, undoubtedly provides. After learning about these astonishing celebrity homes, it’s safe to say that Naples isn't just a top-notch vacation destination; it’s a sanctuary for the rich and famous. If you're lucky enough to stroll through this paradise, keep your eyes peeled; you might spot an A-lister soaking up the Florida sun.

All-Star Athletes That Call Naples Home

Naples, Florida, isn't just a haven for sun-seekers and beach lovers—it's also a hotspot for some of the world's most recognized and accomplished athletes. If you’ve ever strolled through the luxurious neighborhoods of Naples, FL, you might've wondered about the stunning homes dotting this coastal paradise. You're not alone! Many all-star athletes have chosen Naples as their home, relishing this area's privacy and splendor.

Let's start with the legend himself, Mike Ditka. The Hall of Famer and famed NFL coach has firmly planted his roots in Naples, enjoying the lush fairways and renowned golf courses that Florida is known for. Ditka's pristine home isn’t your average property; it's a spectacular abode that screams luxury and opulence. Interestingly, Ditka's neighbor isn't just another Naples retiree—it's another football great, Larry Bird! The NBA star swapped his Indiana roots for the sunny skies of Naples, FL, finding solace in its serene environment.

Naples also boasts ties with athletes from the baseball diamond. Enter Mike Schmidt, the legendary Philadelphia Phillies third baseman. Schmidt’s home in Naples is regarded as one of the most magnificent celebrity homes in the area. Unsurprisingly, athletes of his caliber are drawn to Naples, with its warm climate and irresistible charm.

But it's not just retired legends that flock to Naples. Active professionals like Tim Tebow have been known to spend time in Florida's luxury capital. The former NFL quarterback and current baseball player adores Naples's tranquility. Tebow's home here offers enough extravagance to match his eclectic career. From expansive pools to private beachfront, Naples knows how to cater to its athletic residents.

Another sports icon who calls Naples home is Tennis ace Martina Navratilova. The multiple Grand Slam winner has embraced the Naples lifestyle with open arms. Her spectacular residence serves as a retreat and testament to her illustrious career. The legend spends her days strolling along the pristine beaches and finding new adventures in the bustling town of Naples, FL.

And let’s not forget about the golf world. Naples, Florida, attracts the who’s who of professional golf. Greg Norman, the “Great White Shark” of golf, has chosen to live here. His home is a sprawling estate that exemplifies all things lavish. Naples not only offers Norman a restful escape between golf tournaments but also serves as a family-oriented environment perfect for raising his children.

Naples’ charm extends beyond its sandy shores; it’s etched into the fabric of its community, which is why so many sports legends call it home. For years, luxury homes in Naples have attracted high-profile athletes who seek a combination of privacy, luxury, and natural beauty.

If you’re curious where these legends unwind, look no further than the stunning homes they retreat to in Naples, FL. Ditka, Bird, Tebow, Schmidt, Navratilova, and Norman aren't just names on a roster; some celebrities have found their sanctuary in this beautiful part of Florida. Whether it’s enjoying a round of golf, walking along the pristine beaches, or simply taking in the tranquility Naples offers, these athletes have discovered that Naples, FL, is the ultimate haven for the elite.

Famous Musicians and Their Homes in Naples

Naples, FL, isn't just a serene coastal paradise; it's a clandestine hotspot for some of the most legendary musicians in the world. This sun-soaked haven has become a magnet for celebrities who crave the ultimate blend of luxury and privacy. But let’s get to the juicy details—which musicians are calling Naples, Florida home these days? Hold on to your hats because the list is nothing short of jaw-dropping!

celebrity musician

First up, you might be surprised that rock legend Bob Seger has a sumptuous home nestled in the heart of Naples. Bob’s sprawling estate is the perfect place for this iconic rocker to retreat from his tumultuous touring schedule. The property is nothing short of palatial, complete with private beachfront access and state-of-the-art recording studios. Imagine Seger strumming his guitar by the shore at sunset—talk about living the Florida dream!

Then there's the one and only Donna Summer, the queen of disco herself, who had a luxury home in Naples until her unfortunate passing. Even in death, her legacy lives on in this opulent residence, known for hosting some of the most extravagant parties in the area. The mansion, featuring multiple pools and a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Mexico, is a testament to her larger-than-life persona and everlasting influence on the music world.

Next, let’s talk about Jimmy Buffett, the quintessential champion of the laid-back, beachy lifestyle. Naples, FL, offers the perfect backdrop for the “Margaritaville” maestro, whose home here is a tropical paradise. Buffett’s estate, with its lush gardens and glistening pool, screams of his infectious island spirit. He’s been known to host exclusive jam sessions that attract a who’s who of the music and entertainment world. I bet you didn’t see that coming!

Another musical powerhouse who calls Naples home is Shania Twain. Yes, country music's most dazzling diva splits her time between Naples and her other luxurious residences worldwide. Her Naples home is a chic, modern sanctuary where she finds solace and inspiration. With its minimalist design and unparalleled privacy, Twain’s residence is a dream come true for any high-profile star looking to escape the glaring spotlight.

And we can't forget about Steven Tyler, the flamboyant frontman of Aerosmith. Tyler's Naples home is just as eccentric and vibrant as he is. Covered in eclectic art pieces and unique furnishings, the house perfectly captures his wild, rock 'n' roll spirit. He’s often seen around town, mingling with locals and adding flair to the relaxed Naples atmosphere.

Finally, let’s not leave out the legendary Roy Orbison. Though he passed away years ago, his Naples home remains a landmark, treasured by fans and historians alike. This Mediterranean-style villa boasts an incredible blend of classic and modern aesthetics, echoing Orbison’s timeless influence on music. The home’s historical significance makes it a frequented spot for musical pilgrims keen on connecting with the spirit of one of rock’s greatest voices.

It’s clear that Naples, FL, is more than just a retirement spot or beach vacation destination—it's a glittering enclave for music royalty. These musicians have not only found a home in Naples but have made it a part of their enduring legacies. With a community that treasures both serenity and glamour, Naples is the ultimate haven for these famous folks. Want more? Stay tuned for our next revelation: Business Figures Living an Elite Life in Naples, Florida. You won’t want to miss it!

Business Figures Living an Elite Life in Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida, isn’t just a paradise of pristine beaches and top-notch golf courses – it’s also the secret haven for some of the most influential business figures living the elite life. When you think of Naples, Florida, it's easy to imagine the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico, a scene that no doubt entices celebrities to grab a slice of this tranquil heaven. But let's face it: Naples isn’t just about natural beauty. This upscale paradise offers a blend of luxury, lavish homes, and exclusivity that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Recognized as a playground for the rich and famous, Naples is the ultimate go-to for business moguls who need an escape without compromising their lifestyle. From eight-figure mansions to sprawling estates, the homes in Naples, Florida, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. These business titans aren’t just living in Naples but practically ruling it. And who wouldn't, with such majestic views and the subtle hum of power surrounding every corner?

Among those who call this location home are no strangers to the headlines. These are the people who have made it big in industries like finance, real estate, and tech. They swap stories while enjoying cocktails at private beach clubs or charity gala dinners—invites only. Their impact is felt in Naples and globally, solidifying the city's status as a sanctuary for the elite.

The allure of living in Naples, Florida, goes beyond just economic stability and luxury. It's about being part of an exclusive circle where every neighbor is someone of notable influence. Imagine waking up to gorgeous waterfront views, spending your days in wealthy homes, and rubbing elbows with other influential figures. This isn’t just living; it’s an elevated lifestyle that speaks volumes about your success.

While many might think that celebrities flock only to Hollywood or New York, Naples has proven to be a magnet for big names in the business world. The reasons? Privacy like no other, a serene environment, and the highest living standards. You might say that Naples, Florida, offers a unique mix of anonymity and prestige that's unmatched. These business magnates often prefer their luxurious Naples homes because they can enjoy a peaceful life without the prying eyes of paparazzi.

Of course, the elite life in Naples isn’t limited to lavish real estate. The local culture caters to the upper crust with high-end shopping destinations, exclusive dining experiences, and prestigious golf courses. It's no wonder these business figures set up their prime residences here. The homes in Naples, Florida, often come equipped with every imaginable amenity, from private docks to guesthouses, tennis courts, and infinity pools, making every day feel like a holiday.

Although Naples, Florida's allure, may seem like it's all about sparkle and shine, the community here is tight-knit and has a strong sense of philanthropy. Many of these business leaders participate in and support various charitable events and foundations, giving back to the community that has embraced them. It's their way of ensuring that the elite life in Naples keeps thriving.

It's pretty clear why Naples, Florida, is the ultimate sanctuary for business titans. This is where they can live their best lives in wealthy homes, surrounded by other influential figures, and enjoy the highest standards of leisure and luxury. So, whenever you wonder, "What celebrities live in Naples, Florida?" don’t just think of actors or athletes. Remember, some of the most influential business figures also call this place home, and they're living proof that Naples is the epitome of elite living.

So, there you have it! Naples, Florida, isn't just a sun-soaked paradise for retirees. It's a playground for the stars! From Judge Judy's sprawling estate to Alex Rodriguez's waterfront mansion, the crème de la crème of celebrities call this luxurious enclave their home. Who knows, maybe your next round of golf will have you bumping into a legendary ballplayer or TV icon. One thing's for sure: Naples is where the elite come to unwind and bask in the glory of their opulent abodes. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might spot some A-listers in their natural habitat!

Complete List of Celebrities and Famous People that Call Naples Home

Shahid Khan - Owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham F.C., and automotive company Flex-N-Gate.

  1. Judge Judy Sheindlin - The famous TV court show arbitrator who owns a waterfront mansion in Naples.

  2. Jane Seymour - Actress known for her roles in "Live and Let Die" and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."

  3. Bob Seger - Renowned musician and singer-songwriter, has a condo in Naples.

  4. Tommy Bahama - Fashion designer known for his island-inspired clothing line.

  5. Emeril Lagasse - Celebrity chef with a strong presence in the local food scene.

  6. Ted Turner - Media mogul and philanthropist.

  7. Steve Ballmer - Former CEO of Microsoft.

  8. Greg Norman - Professional golfer and entrepreneur.

  9. John Schnatter - Founder of Papa John's Pizza.

  10. Sean Hannity - Conservative talk show host and political commentator.

  11. Brett Baier - Fox News anchor.

  12. Brian Griese - Former NFL quarterback and current sports analyst.

  13. Fuzzy Zoeller - Professional golfer with major championship wins.

  14. Larry Bird - Basketball legend and current executive in the NBA.

  15. Mike Ditka - Former NFL coach and player.

  16. Charlie Babb - Former NFL player.

  17. Robin McGraw - Author and television personality from "The Dr. Phil Show."

  18. Neal Boortz - Retired talk radio host.

  19. Mary Carillo - Sports journalist and former professional tennis player.

  20. Robin Cook - Author known for his medical thrillers.

  21. Janet Evanovich - Author of the Stephanie Plum series.

  22. Ben Bova - Science fiction author.

  23. Robert Ludlum - Author of the Jason Bourne series.

  24. John Kruk - Former MLB player and current baseball analyst.

  25. Rocco Mediate - PGA Tour professional golfer.

  26. Alex Lifeson - Guitarist of the rock band Rush.

  27. Donna Summer - Late singer known as the "Queen of Disco."

  28. Richard M. Schulze - Founder of Best Buy.

  29. Gloria Estefan - Singer and businesswoman.

  30. Earl Morrall - Former NFL player, part of the 1972 Miami Dolphins perfect season.

  31. Dave Wannstedt - Former head coach of the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears.


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