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North Naples in Pelican Bay, Florida: A Thriving Real Estate Market for Retirees and Investors

Naples, Florida, known for its pristine beaches and upscale living, presents a unique opportunity for real estate investors, particularly in the North Naples area within Pelican Bay. This report delves into the latest market statistics, demographic data, and quality of life metrics, painting a picture of a robust and sophisticated real estate landscape.

Pelican Bay Naples FL Real Estate Market Numbers
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Pelican Bay Housing Market Overview

North Naples stands out with its median estimated home value at a staggering $919K, marking a steady growth over the past year. The area's housing market prefers luxury, with the median list price for homes reaching $1.29M. This trend aligns with the median home age of 28 years, indicating well-established properties with charm and modern amenities.

Demographic Insights

The population of North Naples, approximately 58.6K, is predominantly affluent, with a median age of 60 years. This mature demographic reflects the area's appeal to retirees and those seeking a serene yet luxurious lifestyle. The 8.2% population growth since 2010 further signifies the area's attractiveness and potential for real estate investment.

Economic Landscape

With a per capita income of $78,502 and a median household income of $88,318, the economic stability of North Naples is evident. These figures not only showcase the wealth in the area but also hint at the investment capacity of potential buyers and renters.

Quality of Life

North Naples boasts an impressive quality of life, with 98 days of full sun per year and an annual rainfall of 60 inches. The lack of snowfall and the area's elevation of 9 feet contribute to its appeal as a year-round paradise.

Real Estate Market Dynamics

The real estate market in North Naples is characterized by a balanced mix of owned and rented properties, with a 75% ownership rate. This balance indicates a healthy need with opportunities for long-term investment and rental ventures.

AARP Livability™ Index

An important aspect for investors is the AARP Livability™ Index, where ZIP code 34110 scores 53 out of 100. This above-average score indicates the area's overall appeal, especially for the senior demographic, a key market segment in North Naples.

Population and Age Pelican Bay NAples FL
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Investment Opportunities

Given these factors, North Naples in Pelican Bay emerges as a prime location for real estate investment. The area's luxury, stability, and growth blend makes it ideal for high-end residential investments. Whether targeting retirees or affluent families, the North Naples real estate market offers diverse opportunities to meet investor goals.


With its upscale properties, affluent demographic, and high quality of life, the North Naples area in Pelican Bay presents a lucrative opportunity for discerning real estate investors. By focusing on the unique aspects of this market, investors can tap into a world of potential in one of Florida's most desirable communities.

The "Neighborhood Report for North Naples in Pelican Bay, FL" provides comprehensive insights into the local real estate market and community characteristics. Here's an analysis of key sections from the report:

Housing Stats and Charts

  • Median Estimated Home Value in North Naples: $919K with a 0.4% increase over 12 months.

  • Median List Price: $1.29M, showing a 7.7% increase over 1 month and a 14.4% increase over 12 months.

  • Median Home Age: 28 years.

  • Ownership and Rental Rates: 75% of homes are owned, and 25% are rented.

Demographics and Population

  • Population in North Naples: Approximately 58.6K with a density of 1.88K per square mile.

  • Median Age: 60 years.

  • Population Growth: Increased by 8.2% since 2010.

Economic Stats

  • Income Per Capita in North Naples: $78,502.

  • Median Household Income: $88,318.

  • Employment: Specific data was not provided for North Naples but was detailed for Collier County.

Quality of Life Stats

  • Elevation: 9 feet.

  • Annual Rainfall: 60 inches, with no snowfall.

  • Days of Full Sun: 98 per year.

Education Levels, Commute Times, and Walkability Scores

  • The report provides charts and data on the education levels of the population, average commute times, and walkability scores, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle and preferences of the community.

Real Estate Market Analysis

  • Detailed charts and graphs comparing sales price trends, listing volumes, and other key real estate metrics.

AARP Livability™ Index

  • The ZIP code 34110 has a total score of 53 out of 100 on the AARP Livability™ Index, indicating above-average livability.

Data Sources and Authenticity

  • The report is backed by data from reliable sources like the U.S. Census, NOAA, and Esri, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided.

Implications for Real Estate Investment

  • The data indicates a robust and growing real estate market in North Naples, characterized by rising home values and a mature, affluent demographic.

  • The quality of life indicators and demographic data suggest a market suitable for luxury and retirement properties.

20 Essential FAQs on North Naples in Pelican Bay, FL Real Estate Market

  1. What is the current median estimated home value in North Naples? The median estimated home value in North Naples is approximately $919K.

  2. How has the median list price for homes in North Naples changed recently? The median list price has seen a 7.7% increase over one month and a 14.4% increase over 12 months, currently at $1.29M.

  3. What is the average age of homes in North Naples? The median home age in North Naples is 28 years.

  4. What are the home ownership and rental rates in North Naples? Approximately 75% of homes in North Naples are owned, while 25% are rented.

  5. What is the population of North Naples and its growth rate? North Naples has a population of around 58.6K, which has grown by 8.2% since 2010.

  6. What is the median age of residents in North Naples? The median age of residents in North Naples is 60 years.

  7. What are the income statistics for North Naples? The per capita income is $78,502, and the median household income is $88,318.

  8. How many days of full sun does North Naples get per year? North Naples enjoys 98 days of full sun annually.

  9. What is the annual rainfall in North Naples? The area receives an average of 60 inches of rainfall per year.

  10. What is the AARP Livability™ Index score for North Naples? The ZIP code 34110 in North Naples scores 53 out of 100 on the AARP Livability™ Index.

  11. What is the elevation of North Naples? North Naples is situated at an elevation of 9 feet above sea level.

  12. Does North Naples experience snowfall? North Naples does not receive any snowfall.

  13. What are the key economic sectors in North Naples? The report does not provide detailed information on specific economic sectors in North Naples.

  14. How does the real estate market in North Naples compare to the rest of Florida? The market in North Naples is characterized by higher property values and a luxury market, contrasting with many other parts of Florida.

  15. What types of properties are predominant in North Naples? North Naples predominantly features luxury homes and upscale residential properties.

  16. Is North Naples suitable for real estate investment? Yes, North Naples is highly suitable for real estate investment, particularly in luxury properties and for targeting affluent demographics.

  17. What are the key demographic trends impacting the real estate market in North Naples? Key trends include an aging population, high income levels, and a preference for luxury living.

  18. How has the real estate market in North Naples evolved over the past decade? The market has seen consistent growth in property values and a shift towards more upscale residential developments.

  19. What makes North Naples attractive to real estate investors? Factors include high property values, affluent demographics, quality of life, and a stable economic environment.

  20. What should investors consider when looking at properties in North Naples? When evaluating investment opportunities, investors should consider the area's luxury market appeal, demographic trends, and high quality of life.



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