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Insider's Guide to Hidden Gems: Affordable Neighborhoods in Naples, FL - December 2023

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Affordable Areas in Naples Florida

Naples, Florida, renowned for its pristine beaches and luxurious lifestyle, also harbors some hidden gems regarding affordable living. This guide uncovers these neighborhoods, offering insights into their unique qualities and why they are excellent choices for those seeking affordability without sacrificing the Naples charm.

Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Naples, FL

  1. Airport: This quaint neighborhood, with a population of just over 1,000, boasts a cost of living index of 116, significantly lower than Naples' average of 173. Its affordability makes it a hidden gem for those looking to enjoy Naples' beauty on a budget​​.

  2. Bears Paw: With only 610 residents, Bears Paw offers a close-knit community feel. Its cost of living index of 120, while slightly higher than Airport, still presents a much more affordable option than the city average​​.

  3. Sun Terrace: Another small community, Sun Terrace, is home to approximately 1,077 people and shares a cost of living index of 120 with Bears Paw. This neighborhood balances affordability and accessibility, making it an excellent option for those seeking a more budget-friendly lifestyle in Naples​​.

  4. Lake Park: Slightly more prominent, with a population of 1,493, Lake Park's cost of living index 136 remains well below the city's average. This neighborhood is ideal for those who desire a more affordable living option without straying too far from the city's core amenities​​.

  5. Moorings-Coquina Sands: This area, home to 3,638 residents, stands out with a cost of living index 161. It is perfect for those who seek a balance between the luxurious Naples lifestyle and affordability​​.

  6. Park Shore and Old Naples: These neighborhoods, although on the higher end of affordability with cost of living indices of 169 and 170, respectively, offer a glimpse into the quintessential Naples lifestyle while still being more budget-friendly than many other areas in the city​​​​.

Naples, FL, is not just a destination for luxury real estate but also offers a variety of affordable neighborhoods. Each of these hidden gems provides its unique appeal, whether it's the intimacy of a small community or the balance of cost and convenience. These neighborhoods offer a compelling and budget-friendly alternative for those looking to experience Naples without the hefty price tag.

Naples Real Estate Market Trends (2023)


In 2023, the Naples real estate market presents a unique landscape. Understanding these market dynamics is crucial for anyone looking to invest or find affordable housing in the area.

Market Characteristics

  • Competitiveness: The market is described as not very competitive. Homes typically receive an average of just one offer and take around 46 days to sell​​.

  • Pricing Trends: There has been a modest increase in home prices. The median sale price as of last month was $669K, marking a 2.9% rise from the previous year​​.

Home Sales Dynamics

  • Sale Duration: Homes in Naples now take slightly longer to sell than last year, averaging 46 days on the market.

  • Volume of Sales: There were 159 homes sold in October this year, a slight decrease from 167 sold in the same period last year​​.

Migration Patterns

  • Outbound Interest: Intriguingly, 42% of homebuyers in late 2023 were looking to move out of Naples.

  • Inbound Interest: However, 58% preferred to stay within the metropolitan area, indicating a robust local retention rate​​.

  • Source of New Residents: Chicago, Miami, and New York are the top metros from which people are moving to Naples, showcasing its national appeal.

The Naples real estate market 2023 is characterized by a slight increase in home values, a stable selling period, and a notable pattern of inbound and outbound migration. These trends offer valuable insights for potential homeowners and investors, highlighting the evolving nature of this market.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Naples

Growing Demand in Naples Market

  • Market Hotspot: Naples' real estate market is experiencing significant growth, with a notable decrease in home inventory, indicating high demand​​.

  • Population Movement: The area attracts new residents, mainly from colder regions, seeking the warm climate and lifestyle Naples offers.

Why Naples is an Investment Haven

  1. Vacation Destination Appeal: The city, already a popular vacation spot, is expected to grow, making it ripe for investment in rental properties​​.

  2. High Average Income: With a median household income significantly above the US average, Naples is an attractive market for high-end rental properties​​.

  3. Beneficial for Retirement Planning: The favorable weather and tax benefits, including the homestead tax exemption for seniors, make Naples an ideal retirement and investment destination​​.

Vacation Rentals: A Lucrative Option

  • Consistent Demand: Thanks to its beaches and year-round warm weather, Naples has a high and constant demand for short-term vacation rentals​​.

  • Property Management Considerations: Hiring a professional property manager is recommended for non-local investors to effectively maintain and market the rental properties​​.

Investment Strategies and Considerations

  • Defining Investment Purpose: Clarity on investment goals, whether for resale, rental income, or personal use, is crucial​​.

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval: Securing mortgage pre-approval enhances the probability of a successful purchase​​.

  • Choice Between Old and New Constructions: Each option has its benefits and challenges, so it’s important to align this choice with your investment strategy​​.

  • Credit Score Importance: A good credit score is essential for securing financing with favorable terms​​.

Naples presents diverse real estate investment opportunities, from high-end rental properties to retirement homes. The key to successful investment lies in understanding the market dynamics, aligning investment strategies with personal goals, and navigating the financial aspects wisely.

FAQ: Insider's Guide to Hidden Gems: Affordable Neighborhoods in Naples, FL

Q1: What are the property taxes in Naples?

A1: Naples (Collier County) Property taxes are approximately 1.2% of the appraised value. Some communities have a Community Development District (CDD) payment, which is added to the tax bill​​.

Q2: Is a home's taxable value the same as its market value?

A2: No, the taxable value is based on computer-determined averages of similar properties sold two years earlier and is generally lower than the actual market value​​.

Q3: What are the best communities for value in Naples?

A3: Naples offers a vast assortment of communities, and the best choice depends on personal preference and budget. There is no single community that stands out across all price ranges​​.

Q4: Are there any up-and-coming areas in Naples?

A4: There are no specific areas identified as up-and-coming. The appeal of a neighborhood in Naples often remains consistent over time​​.

Q5: Which area or neighborhood offers the best investment opportunity?

A5: There isn't a particular neighborhood that outperforms others. Investment success tends to depend more on individual properties purchased at a good value, especially in lower price ranges​​.

Q6: Why are similar homes in the exact location priced differently?

A6: The variation in pricing often comes down to the seller's expectations. A higher-priced home might indicate a seller seeking a higher return, while other sellers might be more pragmatic with their pricing​​.

Q7: What is the seller likely to accept for an offer?

A7: It's difficult to predict what a seller will accept. Sellers might reject even fair and reasonable offers, and their decisions can vary widely​​.

Q8: Will the Naples real estate market slow down this year?

A8: As of 2023, there is no strong indication of a market slowdown in Naples, despite expectations of increased interest rates potentially affecting lower-priced markets​​.

Q9: When can we expect new real estate listings in Naples?

A9: New listings typically appear after the holidays, but the inventory might be limited compared to previous years, and these listings can sell quickly​​.

Q10: What's driving interest in Naples real estate?

A10: Interest in Naples real estate is fueled by people moving from heavily COVID-restricted areas, seeking a work-from-home lifestyle in a sunny location​​.

Q11: Is Naples an excellent place to invest in real estate?

A11: The Naples real estate market has seen significant appreciation, indicating it's a substantial investment market​​.

Q12: Is now a good time to buy real estate in Naples?

A12: Buying is advisable if you can find what you're looking for and hold the property through a downturn. Those with volatile financial situations should carefully assess the timing of their purchase​​.

Q13: Can we view properties in Naples that are not on the market?

A13: Viewing properties not on the market can be challenging, especially in gated communities. Open houses may be limited, so scheduling appointments is recommended​​.

Q14: Can properties be bought without seeing them first?

A14: While sight-unseen purchases have occurred, they can be risky. Sellers may prioritize offers from buyers who have seen the property in person​​.

Q15: Are there any pocket listings available in Naples?

A15: Pocket listings are scarce due to high buyer demand. Competition among buyers can be intense, and strategies to navigate the market may vary based on individual goals​​.

Q16: How fast do you need to act on a property in Naples?

A16: Prompt action is crucial in the Naples market. Buyers should be prepared to make quick decisions and respond swiftly to new listings​​.


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