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The Top Ten Reasons Naples, Florida Realtors Won't Tell You About Their High Commission Charges

Updated: Feb 28

In Naples, Florida's bustling real estate market, commission rates can be a topic shrouded in mystery. While the standard commission might range between 5-6%, the reasons behind these rates are unclear to buyers and sellers. Here are the top ten reasons why your Naples realtor might not be upfront about why they charge such high commissions, contrasting sharply with Ed DiMarco's transparent 1% commission model.

Ten Reasons Naples, Florida Realtors Won't Tell You About Their Commission Charges

Here are the top ten reasons your Realtor won't tell you why her commission rates are so high:

  1. Market Standard Justification Realtors often justify high commissions by citing them as the "market standard." However, this explanation lacks depth and fails to account for the varying levels of service provided by different agents. In reality, commission rates are negotiable and not bound by a fixed standard.

  2. Lack of Competition Awareness Some realtors might be unaware of the competitive landscape, including more cost-effective models like Ed DiMarco's 1%. Their lack of awareness or acknowledgment of such innovative models prevents them from offering their clients more competitive or transparent pricing structures.

  3. Overhead Costs Explanation High commissions are sometimes attributed to the overhead costs of running a real estate business. While these costs are real, they don’t always justify the extent of the fees charged. More efficient business models can operate with lower overhead, a fact often not disclosed by traditional agents.

  4. Value Proposition Ambiguity Realtors might emphasize their unique value proposition to justify high commissions. However, they often fail to clearly articulate how this value surpasses what lower-commission realtors provide, leaving clients with vague explanations about the benefits of higher fees.

  5. Negotiation Skills Emphasis High commissions are occasionally linked to an agent's superior negotiation skills. While negotiation is a critical aspect of real estate transactions, not all high-commission realtors necessarily offer superior negotiation expertise compared to their lower-charging counterparts.

  6. Market Complexity Argument In the complex Naples real estate market, agents might use market intricacy as a reason for high commissions. However, this complexity doesn’t automatically warrant higher fees, especially when agents like Ed DiMarco successfully navigate these complexities at a lower cost.

  7. Advertising and Marketing Costs Extensive advertising and marketing efforts are often cited as reasons for high commissions. While effective marketing is crucial, advancements in digital marketing have reduced these costs significantly, a factor not always transparently discussed by agents.

  8. Exclusivity and Prestige Factor In luxury markets like Naples, exclusivity and prestige are sometimes used to justify higher fees. However, paying more does not always equate to better or more exclusive service, a misconception that can mislead clients.

  9. Lack of Fee Structure Transparency Some realtors avoid discussing commission structures in detail, preferring to focus on the results of the transaction. This lack of transparency prevents clients from fully understanding the fee breakdown and its justification.

  10. Fear of Losing Business to Lower Commission Competitors Finally, a significant reason realtors might not discuss high commissions is the fear of losing business to competitors offering lower rates, such as Ed DiMarco’s 1% model and acknowledging that high-quality service can be provided at a lower cost challenges their business model and could lead to client attrition.


Understanding the reasons behind high real estate commission rates is crucial for any buyer or seller in Naples, Florida. The lack of transparency in this area contrasts starkly with the straightforward, client-friendly approach of Ed DiMarco’s 1% Full Service Commission Model. This model offers a cost-effective alternative and challenges the traditional real estate fee structure, advocating for greater transparency and value in the industry.



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