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The Impact of 1% Commission on the Naples Real Estate Market

Updated: Mar 29

Impact of 1% Commission on the Naples Real Estate Market

Introducing a 1% commission model by is a significant development in the Naples real estate market. Traditionally dominated by higher commission rates, this innovative approach is poised to create ripples across various market aspects. This article explores the far-reaching impact of this model on buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, and the overall market dynamics in Naples.

Shifting the Financial Equation for Sellers and Buyers

  1. Increased Seller Profit: The 1% commission rate substantially increases sellers' profit margins. In a market like Naples, where property values are high, the savings from reduced commission fees can be significant, making selling more attractive.

  2. Enhanced Affordability for Buyers: Although sellers typically pay commission fees, they indirectly affect the property prices. The 1% model can contribute to a more balanced and fair pricing structure in the market, ultimately benefiting buyers.

Stimulating Market Activity

  1. Encouraging Property Listings: The reduced financial burden of selling a property will likely encourage more homeowners to list their properties, potentially increasing the market inventory.

  2. Quick Turnover: Properties priced more competitively, as a result of lower commission costs, are likely to sell faster, thereby increasing market liquidity and turnover rates.

Impact on Real Estate Professionals

  1. Competitive Pressure: Introducing a 1% commission model sets a new competitive benchmark in the market, pressuring traditional agencies to reevaluate their fee structures and service offerings.

  2. Innovation and Efficiency: To sustain profitability with lower commission rates, real estate professionals need to leverage technology and improve operational efficiency, thereby elevating the industry's overall standard of service.

Long-Term Market Implications

  1. Market Accessibility: Lower commission rates make high-value Naples real estate more accessible to a broader audience, potentially diversifying the buyer pool.

  2. Price Stabilization: With more reasonable commission rates, property prices can reflect actual market value more accurately, contributing to overall market stability.

  3. Investor Appeal: For real estate investors, the lower cost of transactions makes Naples an even more attractive market, potentially increasing investment activity.


The introduction of a 1% commission model by Ed DiMarco is set to have a transformative impact on the Naples real estate market. By altering the cost structure of real estate transactions, this model benefits individual buyers and sellers and the health and vibrancy of the overall market. As the model gains traction, its positive effects are expected to resonate throughout the market, heralding a new era of efficiency, affordability, and growth in Naples real estate.


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