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Port Royal, Naples, Florida: A Real Estate Haven of Luxury and Exclusivity

Port Royal is a beacon of luxury and exclusivity in the real estate world in the heart of Naples, Florida. A recent comprehensive report reveals why high-end investors and homeowners covet this neighborhood. This article delves into the key findings of the "Neighborhood Report for Port Royal in Naples, FL," we strongly encourage you to download the full, free PDF report for a complete understanding.

Port Royal Naples FL Home prices over time 2023
From My Free Port Royal, Naples, Florida PDF Report

Port Royal Housing Market Overview:

Port Royal's housing market is nothing short of extraordinary. With a median estimated home value of $9.09M, which has risen by 2% over the past 12 months, and a median list price soaring at $23.5M, it's clear why this neighborhood is synonymous with opulence. These figures reflect the current market status and forecast a continuing upward trend.

Demographic Insights:

The report paints a picture of a mature, affluent community. With a population of 1.13K, experiencing a slight decline since 2010, the median age here is 70. This demographic indicates a serene, established neighborhood, mainly appealing to retirees and those seeking a tranquil yet luxurious lifestyle.

Economic Landscape:

Port Royal's economic statistics are as impressive as its real estate values. The per capita income is an astounding $209,284, with a median household income of $181,250. These figures underscore the financial prowess of its residents, shaping Port Royal as a haven for the affluent.

Quality of Life:

In addition to financial prosperity, Port Royal offers an enviable quality of life. The area boasts 98 days of full sun per year, complemented by a 9 feet elevation and an average of 60 inches of rainfall annually, creating a perfect climate for those who cherish outdoor luxury living.

Walkability and Livability:

Despite its many charms, Port Royal scores low on walkability, reflecting its spread-out, spacious nature. However, the AARP Livability™ Index gives the ZIP code 34102 a score of 53 out of 100, suggesting a balance between exclusivity and accessibility.

Port Royal Naples FL Demographics People Stats and Charts
Port Royal Naples FL Demographics From My Free PDF

Investment Opportunities:

For investors, Port Royal represents the pinnacle of high-end real estate investment. Combining soaring property values, affluent demographics, and a stable economic environment makes it an ideal location for luxury property investments.


Port Royal in Naples, FL, symbolizes sophistication and affluence. Its real estate market offers unparalleled opportunities for those seeking to invest in or own a part of this exclusive community. We invite you to download our website's full, free PDF report to explore the comprehensive data and insights into this extraordinary neighborhood.

Housing Stats and Charts

  • Median Estimated Home Value: $9.09M, with a 2% increase over 12 months.

  • Median List Price: $23.5M, showing an 8% increase over 1 month and a 20.8% increase over 12 months.

  • Median Home Age: 28 years.

  • Home Ownership and Rental Rates: 96% owned, 4% rented.

  • Comparison with Naples and Collier County: Provides a broader context by comparing Port Royal's housing stats with those of Naples and the wider Collier County.

Neighborhood Demographics

  • Population: 1.13K with a -2% change since 2010.

  • Population Density: 1.01K per square mile.

  • Median Age: 70 years, indicating a predominantly senior population.

  • Male/Female Ratio: Not specified.

Economic Stats

  • Income Per Capita in Port Royal: $209,284.

  • Median Household Income: $181,250.

  • Unemployment Rate: Port Royal is not specified, but Collier County data is available.

Quality of Life Stats

  • Elevation: 9 feet.

  • Annual Rainfall: 60 inches, no snowfall.

  • Days of Full Sun: 98 per year.

  • Travel Time to Work: Not specified.

Other Key Metrics

  • Education Levels: Provides insights into the educational attainment of residents.

  • Population of Children by Age Group and Adults by Age Group: Offers a demographic breakdown.

  • Household Income Brackets: Shows the distribution of income levels in Port Royal.

  • Walkability Scores: Port Royal scores low overall, amenity, and leisure walkability (1.1, 1.1, and 1.2 out of 5, respectively).

  • AARP Livability™ Index: The ZIP code 34102 scores 53 out of 100.

Analysis and Implications for Real Estate Investment

  • Luxury Market: Port Royal's real estate market is upscale, with exceptionally high home values and list prices.

  • Demographics: The senior population and high-income levels indicate a market suitable for luxury retirement properties.

  • Investment Potential: Given the high property values and affluent demographics, Port Royal is a prime location for high-end real estate investments.


This report provides invaluable insights for real estate professionals and investors targeting the luxury market in Naples, FL. The detailed statistics and comparisons offer a clear understanding of the market dynamics, making it a vital tool for informed decision-making.

FAQ for Living in Port Royal, Naples, FL:

  1. What makes Port Royal in Naples, FL, a unique real estate market? Port Royal is known for its ultra-luxury properties, high-end demographics, and exclusive lifestyle, making it unique in the Naples real estate landscape.

  2. What is the median home value in Port Royal? The median estimated home value in Port Royal is approximately $9.09M.

  3. How has Port Royal's median list price changed recently? The median list price has seen an 8% increase over one month and a 20.8% increase over 12 months.

  4. What is the demographic profile of Port Royal residents? The population primarily consists of affluent, senior residents with a median age of 70 years.

  5. What are Port Royal's economic characteristics? Port Royal boasts high per capita and household incomes, indicative of its wealthy residents.

  6. How does the quality of life in Port Royal compare to other neighborhoods? Port Royal offers a high quality of life with excellent weather, luxurious amenities, and an exclusive community.

  7. What is Port Royal's walkability score? Port Royal has low walkability scores, reflecting its spacious and private nature.

  8. What is the AARP Livability™ Index score for Port Royal? The ZIP code 34102 in Port Royal scores 53 out of 100 on the AARP Livability™ Index.

  9. What types of properties are predominant in Port Royal? Port Royal predominantly features luxurious, spacious homes and estates.

  10. Is Port Royal suitable for real estate investment? Yes, given its high property values and affluent community, Port Royal is ideal for luxury real estate investment.

  11. What are the benefits of your 1% commission model in such a luxury market? Our 1% commission model ensures that clients in luxury markets like Port Royal save significantly on brokerage fees while receiving full-service, expert guidance.

  12. How does your real estate service stand out in the Port Royal market? We combine deep local market knowledge with cost-effective service, aligning perfectly with the needs of the sophisticated Port Royal real estate market.

  13. What are the key considerations for investors in Port Royal? When evaluating opportunities, investors should consider the area's luxury appeal, demographic trends, and exclusive lifestyle.

  14. How can clients learn more about your services in Port Royal? Clients can visit our website or contact us directly to learn more about our tailored services in the Port Royal area.

  15. Why should potential buyers and sellers choose your company for their Port Royal real estate needs? Our company offers unmatched value, expertise, and a deep understanding of the luxury market in Port Royal, all complemented by our innovative 1% commission model.



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