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Olde Naples, Florida: A Luxurious Blend of Modern Living and Timeless Charm

Olde Naples, a gem nestled in the heart of Naples, FL, offers a unique blend of modern luxury and historic allure. Our comprehensive "Neighborhood Report for Olde Naples in Naples, FL" dives deep into this exquisite area, revealing the facets that make it a top choice for discerning real estate investors and homeowners. We invite you to download the free PDF on our website for an in-depth exploration of this charming neighborhood.

Olde Naples Florida HOusing Data Chart
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Housing Market Overview:

Olde Naples stands out with its relatively newer homes, with a median age of just 7 years, contrasting sharply with the wider Naples and Collier County averages. This indicates a neighborhood evolving and embracing modernity while retaining its classic charm. Although the report doesn't specify the median home value for Olde Naples, it reflects the luxury trend in Naples, with high property values and a strong market presence.

Demographic Insights:

The report sheds light on Olde Naples as a small, close-knit community with a population of 698. Its population density and median age of 68 speak to a mature, affluent demographic, a crucial consideration for real estate investors and those seeking a serene yet upscale lifestyle.

Economic Landscape:

Olde Naples showcases an impressive economic profile with a per capita income of $138,279 and a median household income of $104,722. These figures highlight the financial robustness of its residents and underscore the area's potential for high-value real estate transactions.

Quality of Life:

Quality of life in Olde Naples is exceptional, as evidenced by the area's 98 days of full sun per year and an annual rainfall of 60 inches. The lack of snowfall and its elevation of 9 feet make it an attractive year-round destination for residents and visitors alike.

Income and Politics in Olde Naples, Florida
From My Free PDF Report on Olde Naples, FL

Walkability and Livability:

With a walkability score of 2.7 out of 5, Olde Naples balances spaciousness, private living, and accessibility to amenities. The AARP Livability™ Index rating of 53 further emphasizes its appeal to a diverse range of residents, particularly those seeking luxury and comfort.

Investment Opportunities:

The real estate market in Olde Naples, characterized by its luxury properties and affluent demographics, presents lucrative opportunities for investors. Whether it's for long-term investment or a dream home, Olde Naples embodies an ideal blend of modern luxury and historical charm.


Olde Naples is not just a neighborhood; it's a lifestyle choice that resonates with those who appreciate luxury, history, and quality living. We strongly encourage you to download the free PDF report on our website for a more detailed understanding of this enchanting area. Discover why Olde Naples is more than just a location – it's a destination where history, luxury, and modern living converge.

FAQ: Olde Naples, Florida

  1. What distinguishes Olde Naples in the real estate market? Olde Naples combines modern luxury with historic charm, offering unique real estate opportunities.

  2. What is the average home age in Olde Naples? The median home age in Olde Naples is 7 years, indicating a mix of modern and classic homes.

  3. What is the population of Olde Naples? Olde Naples has a population of 698, reflecting a small, affluent community.

  4. What is the median age of residents in Olde Naples? The median age in Olde Naples is 68 years, highlighting a mature demographic.

  5. What are the economic characteristics of Olde Naples? Olde Naples boasts high per capita and median household incomes, indicative of its affluent nature.

  6. What is the quality of life like in Olde Naples? With plenty of sunshine and a comfortable climate, Olde Naples offers a high quality of life.

  7. What is the walkability score of Olde Naples? Olde Naples has a walkability score of 2.7 out of 5.

  8. What does the AARP Livability™ Index say about Olde Naples? The ZIP code 34102 in Olde Naples scores 53 out of 100 on the AARP Livability™ Index.

  9. What types of properties are common in Olde Naples? Olde Naples is known for its luxurious homes that blend modern amenities with historical elements.

  10. Is Olde Naples a good area for real estate investment? Yes, its blend of luxury and charm makes it an attractive area for real estate investment.

  11. How does Olde Naples compare to other Naples neighborhoods? Olde Naples stands out for its historic character and modern luxury living.

  12. What makes Olde Naples attractive to potential homebuyers? Its unique blend of history, luxury, and high-quality living appeals to discerning homebuyers.

  13. Can I download a detailed report on Olde Naples? Yes, a comprehensive report is available for free download on our website.

  14. What should investors know about the Olde Naples real estate market? Investors should consider the area's affluent demographic and the potential for luxury property investments.

  15. Why is Olde Naples considered a historic neighborhood? Olde Naples is recognized for its rich history and well-preserved landmark properties.

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