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Competitive Edge of a 1% Commission Model: Ed VS J R Wood Realty, Compass Naples, & Woods Realty

Updated: Feb 28

In the competitive real estate market of Naples, Florida, choosing the right Realtor can significantly influence the success and profitability of your property sale. Traditional real estate agencies operate on a full-priced commission model, typically around 6%. However, Edward DiMarco, a seasoned Realtor at Realty Hub, is pioneering a shift with his 1% listing fee approach.

1% Commission Model: Ed VS J R Wood Realty, Compass Naples, & Woods Realty

This game-changing model offers advantages over full-priced real estate companies like J R Wood, Compass Naples, Remax Naples, Woods Realty, and R Real Estate, making it a superior choice for discerning property sellers.

1. Substantial Savings in Commission

One of the most striking benefits of the 1% commission model is the considerable savings it offers to sellers. On a $1 million property, a traditional 6% commission equates to $60,000, while the 1% model from Edward DiMarco results in just $10,000. This staggering difference leaves more capital in your pocket, maximizing your return on investment.

2. Full-Service Marketing & Representation

Contrary to the misconception that lower fees mean lesser service, Edward DiMarco provides comprehensive marketing and representation services. His strategy includes high-quality photography, videography, multi-channel marketing through MLS listings, social media, email marketing, and print advertising, ensuring your property receives maximum exposure.

3. Expert Local Knowledge

Specializing in the Naples market, DiMarco's expertise offers invaluable insights into local real estate trends, neighborhood-specific knowledge, and targeted marketing strategies that resonate with the area's unique buyer demographics.

4. No Compromise on Service Quality

Despite the lower commission rate, there is no compromise on the quality of service. DiMarco leverages advanced technology, efficient business practices, and a network of strategic partnerships to provide a full-service experience that includes everything from market analysis and pricing strategy to negotiations and closing assistance.

5. Enhanced Competitive Positioning

The reduced commission rate allows for more flexibility in pricing your property competitively. This can be particularly advantageous in a high-value market like Naples, where even slight pricing adjustments can significantly impact buyer interest and sale speed.

6. Personalized and Client-Centric Approach

Understanding that each property and seller is unique, DiMarco adopts a personalized approach, tailoring services to meet specific needs and preferences. This bespoke service ensures that every aspect of the sale process is aligned with the seller's goals.

7. Streamlined Technology-Driven Processes

DiMarco's cutting-edge technology streamlines the selling process from virtual staging to online marketing. This enhances the efficiency and reach of marketing efforts and simplifies the transaction process for sellers.


In an evolving market like Naples, Florida, where efficiency, expertise, and value are paramount, Edward DiMarco's 1% listing fee model offers a compelling alternative to traditional full-priced real estate services like full-priced real estate companies like J R Wood Realty, Compass Naples, Remax Naples, R Real Estate, and Woods Realty. It represents a paradigm shift towards more cost-effective, transparent, and client-focused real estate transactions, positioning sellers for optimal success in a competitive market.



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