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1% Commission in High-Value Markets: How Naples, Florida Luxury Real Estate Owners Benefit

In Naples, Florida's luxurious and high-value real estate market, homeowners are finding a new way to maximize their profits while selling their homes: the 1% commission model. This innovative approach, offered by Ed DiMarco at Realty Hub, is changing the landscape of real estate transactions in upscale markets. Let’s delve into how this model mainly benefits homeowners in Naples.

Low Commission on Naples, Florida Luxury Real Estate

Tailored for High-Value Markets

Naples, known for its abundant properties and affluent clientele, has a real estate market where traditional commission rates can significantly eat into the sale proceeds of high-value homes. A 1% commission model emerges as a game-changer in such markets. By significantly lowering the commission costs, homeowners can save tens of thousands of dollars, a substantial amount, especially when dealing with luxury properties.

Maximizing Returns on Investment

In the realm of luxury real estate, every percentage point counts. With properties valued at millions of dollars, the traditional 5-6% commission can be exorbitantly high. The 1% model, however, ensures that homeowners retain a more significant portion of their investment. This model is particularly advantageous in Naples, where the high-value properties mean higher savings under this commission structure.

No Compromise on Service Quality

A common misconception about reduced commission models is the supposed compromise on service quality. However, this is not true with Ed DiMarco’s 1% commission model. Homeowners still receive comprehensive services, including market analysis, professional photography, effective marketing strategies, and expert negotiation – all the essentials for successfully selling a luxury property in Naples.

Attracting a Broader Range of Buyers

The savings from the reduced commission can be strategically used to price the property more competitively or enhance its appeal, attracting a broader range of potential buyers. This can mean a quicker sale and potentially better offers in the competitive Naples market.

Streamlined Selling Experience

Ed DiMarco’s approach streamlines the selling process. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, the 1% commission model simplifies the transaction process for homeowners. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in the high-stakes Naples market, where making the selling process smooth and stress-free is as essential as the financial aspects.


The 1% commission model offered by Ed DiMarco is an innovative solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of homeowners in high-value markets like Naples. It provides a financially savvy alternative to the traditional commission structure, ensuring homeowners can maximize their returns without sacrificing the quality of service. As the real estate market in Naples continues to thrive, this model stands out as an attractive option for those looking to sell their luxury homes efficiently and cost-effectively.


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